Redefining Business Re-engineering , Improving efficiency and Reduce costs


Our service offering for manufacturing companies is based on the nature of today's realities. Companies in the manufacturing sector are always facing intense competition and the need to streamline their operations. Here at Conixys Consulting, we help manufacturing companies use IT to solve many of the problems that they face while operating in the industry.

We help manufacturers streamline their operations, cut down costs and take advantage of global opportunities in several ways. First, we develop highly sophisticated solutions that companies can use to transform their traditional manufacturing activities. We use out solutions to help companies transform the way they carry out their manufacturing process into a highly digitized and carefully managed process that is responsive to demand and other factors in the external environment.

Second, we help manufacturing companies use their IT functions to manage their supply chain processes successfully. We understand how complicated and important the supply chain can be for manufacturing companies. We, therefore, develop unique processes that companies can use to manage their stock, procurement and other activities that form their supply chain. We believe that when manufacturing companies are in full control of their supply chain activities, they can leverage on the advantages that arise from this position for their success.

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